Thursday, February 10, 2011

26 Ways to Slash Taxes (Income Tax)

Contents in the material.

  1. Save for your Children’s Education
  2. File Separate tax returns
  3. Ask your employer to increase your EPF contributions
  4. Change your cash remuneration to cash reimbursement

  5. Ask for a company car
  6. Make charitable contributions
  7. Take Up postgraduate studies
  8. Read , Read , Read
  9. Get Sporty
  10. Buy Life Insurance
  11. Take out a Medical or Education policy
  12. Pay your parents’ medical bills
  13. Medical
  14. Pay Zakat
  15. Buy a Computer
  16. Hire a Tax Consultant
  17. Buy property valued below or at RM250000
  18. Buy Similar property
  19. Buy shares
  20. Invest in REITs
  21. Maintain books and records from Day 1
  22. Time the purchase and use of your fixed assets
  23. Buys a company car
  24. Hire your spouse or family member
  25. Implement a process to ‘chase after’ unpaid debts
  26. Dedicate a space in your home office
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